Wat wij maken

HR Transport & Logistiek

Dynamische website met vacature systeem

Dehli Global Initiatives

Een non-profit organisatie gericht op het opzetten van ontwikkelingshulp in noodhulp gebieden verspreid over de wereld.


Made with love in Amstelveen, this platform attracts thousands of unique visitors a month although this site was very specifically made for students at the VUmc in Amsterdam.

T-rots Kindercoaching


Xpert Clinics CTS Prediction Interface

For my master thesis in medicine I designed and created a prediction interface that uses a huge database to make personal predictions for patients. Developed for Xpert Clinics (part of Equipe zorgbedrijven) and EMC department of plastic surgery.

Oscar van Rooij

"Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be" Oscar is a life coach and one of the trainers at Tony Robbins events. I designed his logo and branding guide including a website.

Hali Neto

Portfolio website for artists. Website was fully created in Webflow. This website includes a working CMS system for adding news and portfolio items as well as adding more credentials. Site is equipped with scroll animations, sliders and loading animations.


Creating images and video content for social media. Crew logo is a fusion between two teams that play a match during this theater play. Created five video's portraying the process and tour during SCHOPPEN.

Breunion Boys

Boyband on a mission to get Britain Back! In this band I'm part of the five performers brought together by Julia Veldman C. I rap, dance, perform, model, create social content in the format of video's and social media posts. Being reported on by worldwide media it's Julia's biggest succes!


Edu4U by Mohammad Baghdadi: Videography and editing of a promotional video were the features and goal of the company as well as some students that get their education from Edu4U are featured in. This was done as a request for the VUmc medical faculty to showcase the EDU4U refugee education program set up by former refugee now VU students.‍


Fitness, nutrition, lifestyle platform launched by three ambitions medical and movement science students.


Paardig zijn is een sport

Aristo Mijnals

Portfolio website voor comedian/acteur Aristo Mijnals. Website gemaakt in WordPress met full-screen pagina's responsiveness met kleinere schermen en uitgebreide mediamogelijkheden.

FYF Training

Logo design, WIX based website voor Boxschool


Braincaps promotions, creating of banner ad and writing of blog posts. Promotional discount with Medlyfe.nl