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A brain driven marketing agency requires a smart and intelligent website: meet Brainwaved. Smart marketing done elegantly.

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Marciano Ramperstad
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Full Service
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Brainwaved is a smart and dynamic startup using the latest marketing strategies, neuroscience and direct marketing for recruitment. A company driven by smart methods needs a smart, fast, responsive and dynamic website and branding.

We developed the Brainwaved branding and style-guide using a modern and sleek design. Little use of strong and unique colours to represent the different dimensions of the company. A clean and responsive design with subtle and effective animations. To tell their story and development we have created a smart timeline animation on the about us page. Load speeds are ultra fast regardless of animations and videos due to the super strong amazon hosted servers through webflow hosting.

As a great addition to brainwaved's website is the use of Zapier and Airtable for various company features including:

  • Hour registry for employees
  • Embedded Airtable view for personal hour registry summaries
  • Task management system
  • Client management system
  • Lead pipedrive
  • Company performance KPI's
  • Automatic bookings for consulting calls

A beautiful and simple site to look at and to use, yet a strong and powerful back-end system all built using low-code and no-code tools like webflow, airtable, calendly and zapier.


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