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Business Mine

Andy de Wit approached me to improve his course funnel design and mostly loading speed, the results were amazing..

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Business Mine B.V.
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Business Mine (BM) has their webpages on a wordpress site and the loading speed was lack-luster. Andy the founder of BM wanted to improve their page loading speed as well as improve the design of their funnel to make it more appealing and converting. We took the following steps in achieving this goal for him:

  1. Redesinging the funnel in figma
  2. Building and improving this funnel design in Wordpress as a proof of work concept
  3. Building the new design in webflow as a test
  4. Linking the webflow hosted webpage (it was the fastest) to wordpress with webflow pages plugin
  5. Writing custom javascript code to simulate all the previous funnel actions at form submission.

The result of our efforts is a blazing fast funnel with an A score on

The longest contentful paint on the webpage is close to 600 milliseconds and the new funnel design uses neurodesign tricks like a progress bar and more icons and visuals to convey their message. It is a pleasure to work with Business Mine and we hope to do it again.

Business Mine

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