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Coach Jacobsen

At Weblyfe, we recently partnered with Luna Jacobsen, an upcoming female fitness influencer, to create a strong brand and a streamlined landing page for her business.

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Luna offers training programs, nutrition plans, and both ongoing and one-off online coaching, aiming to make booking and managing her services smoother and easier.

We utilized a sleek and modern design to reflect Luna's dynamic and motivational approach to fitness. The homepage features a compelling introduction to Luna's offerings, with a focus on her personalized training programs and nutrition plans. The expandable menu provides easy navigation to all key sections, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The landing page highlights Luna's comprehensive services, including online fitness coaching with workout plans, motivational calls, habit building, progress tracking, and nutrition plans. The About section delves into Luna's journey and passion for fitness, creating a personal connection with potential clients.

To facilitate bookings and communication, we integrated a robust scheduling system, allowing clients to easily book sessions and check-ins with Luna. A chat feature enables instant support and interaction, while a clear call-to-action guides users through the process of signing up for her programs.

Interactive elements, such as icons, background videos, and animations, create an engaging and immersive browsing experience. The website also includes dedicated sections for client testimonials, frequently asked questions, and contact information, ensuring that all client needs are addressed efficiently.

This redesign, characterized by its vibrant and user-friendly design, showcases Luna's commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals while providing an organized and accessible platform for her services.

Coach Jacobsen

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