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At Weblyfe, we recently partnered with Roslan Bendenia to rebrand E-com Knockout, a premier e-commerce course led by the accomplished athlete and entrepreneur. Our goal was to create a luxurious, user-friendly platform that enhances client engagement and streamlines business operations.

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At Weblyfe, we recently had the opportunity to work with Roslan Bendenia, the pro athlete and young entrepreneur behind E-com Knockout. Roslan offers a personal branding e-commerce course, guiding clients through every aspect of e-commerce. He also provides personal coaching, allowing clients to pay extra for exclusive one-on-one sessions with him.

For this rebranding project, we aimed to give E-com Knockout a luxurious feel, using a sophisticated palette to elevate the brand’s image. Our goal was to create a strong brand and an effective landing page that would streamline bookings and business operations, ensuring a seamless experience for Roslan's clients.

Roslan operates in the niche market of teaching e-commerce from a strong mindset perspective as a Muslim entrepreneur. The course is delivered in English and targets a broad, international audience that resonates with Islamic values. His clients share a common desire to earn money online, escape the constraints of traditional employment, and emulate Roslan's independence, prosperity, and adventurous lifestyle.

The audience, typically aged between 18-35 years old, often has Arabic heritage. They seek high-quality, trustworthy guidance from someone they can relate to and aspire to be like Roslan – independent, healthy, athletic, and successful. These individuals want personal coaching and a community that offers support, accountability, and growth.

E-com Knockout addresses these needs by providing a comprehensive e-commerce education coupled with personal coaching. Clients gain more confidence, financial stability, and a transformed mindset. They become part of a supportive community, receive personalized attention, and access a range of tools and resources designed to help them succeed.

From a web development perspective, we focused on creating a user-friendly platform that integrates all aspects of Roslan's program. The landing page is designed to be luxurious and efficient, highlighting the course offerings and personal coaching options. We incorporated interactive elements, such as progress tracking and community features, to enhance the user experience.

Our development approach ensured that clients could easily book sessions, access course materials, and interact with Roslan and the community. The new platform not only reflects the values and aspirations of his audience but also provides a seamless and engaging experience, helping them achieve their dreams of financial freedom and personal growth.

EKO Evolved

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