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Ecom Knock Out

We created branding, website and business systems for the massively popular Roslan Bendenia (@roslanofficial)

The Ecom Agency is our wizzard genius partner in all social media services: TikTok ads, FB ads, Pinterest ads, Google ads, SEO.
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Roslan Bendenia is a pro-athlete, Ecom Expert and Info business entreperneur. His previous venture was called RB Masterclass where he teaches over 1700 students on how to make money by starting their own online business. For this project we started with rebranding RB Masterclass to a more catchy and fitting name: Ecom Knock Out. This references Roslan's fighting background and is a very catchy and unique name that also has a good acronym: EKO.

We designed a logo, picked fonts and color pallette for this brand and used this throughout the rest of the project to create a strong brand recognition and identity.

Next we took a look at his current typeform and sales journey and optimised all of it, we changed the flow, logic and question order of his typeform, (the main way people could sign up to be booked for a call). We created a new Calenldy, intergrated this in the Typeform and also branded the typeform with the newly formed EKO branding. We also set the calendly up to work with a round-robin system that gives a lead to the person

Once the typeform was done and working properly, we automated the whole selection process with the typeform logic and only offered the clients that could afford personal coaching, and were of leagal age,  an opportunity to book a call. The rest was sent to a page that offers his stand-alone Ecommerce course to the visitors.

We then built 2 versions of a highly converting landingpage for booking a call and simultaneously built a whole back-end in Airtable. The Airtable is now the base of the whole business, through zapier we automated leads coming in and getting a "Call Booked" Status in the leads table. Each of his closers has an own Kaban or Pipedrive view for sales, there's also an appointment setter that just needs to checkmark a registerd lead if it came through a dm conversation. All the team-members, their comissions and closes can be easily tracked and managed in Airtable.

The whole team loves the new branding, funnel and system and it's been working miraculously. In 2 weeks time since launch we were able to achieve over 400 typeform entries, giving us a solid 70 qualified leads to call. In the first 2,5 weeks we we're able to close north of €25.000,- and cutting the time and effort to do this by tenfold.

Ecom Knock Out

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