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Passive Labs

Passivelabs offers fintech and financial software services for traders of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Their services range from passive income EA's to complex indicators and signals.

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Passivelabs is a fintech company that offers performative financial tools and instruments to international traders. Their products include the Gold Grower passive income gold trading EA, the Gold Boomer Pas prop Firm challenge EA, unique trading indicators (Lab Analysis), and premium trade signals (Lab Signals).

The company is well-organized and professional, and they have seen success in their field. We worked with them to redesign their website using Webflow, creating a modern and technologically advanced look to reflect the sophistication of their trading software.

This included updating their logo and branding, creating custom iconography and mock-ups, and implementing new fonts. The entire project, including integrations with their existing systems, was completed in 2.5 months, resulting in a successful launch in November.

Passive Labs

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