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Prosperity Academy

Prosperity Academy offers a unique SMART money trading method info product to their massively succesful audience.

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Prosperity Academy
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Created by the talented Lewis Kelly and Ben Bayton the prosperity academy is a trading community and educational platform to its core.
Together with a team of high earning traders Ben & Lewis teach all their community members, Youtube (50k views/video) and Instagram (100k+ followers) how to trade with the big banks and policy makers (SMART) instead of against them like normal retail traders do.

Through this method both traders have amassed an amazing amount of renown, money and following in the trading world and now decided to offer this to their clients.

We stepped in and helped them shape their old Click-funnel website to a beautiful and fully branded funnel:

  • Video Sales Letter (VSL) script writing and storytelling
  • VSL editing
  • Branding (fonts, colors, mock-ups)
  • Funnel design in Figma
  • Automations with Zapier
  • Webpage built in Webflow

Prosperity Academy

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