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QRM Portaal

Quick Response Manufacturing is all about improving the organisation of a company to be able to produce quicker and better. QRM Portaal is the brainchild of Hans Geresse, founder of LeanTeam. The market leader in Quick Response Manufacturing.

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For QRM Portaal we collaborated with Jelle's agency Happydigital and Jimmy's company Mediaways. During this process we created a fully functional hybrid webplatform using webflow and wordpress CMS. The platform is the one stop shop for all the QRM needs Dutch entrepreneurs can have.

The website offers comprehensive explanation of its use and a sign-up and login that brings users to the WordPress area of the site. Here users can have monthly subscriptions to the platform. They can follow courses to learn about QRM, quizzes can be given to test their knowledge. Members have different membership levels and based on their membership type they are greeted by a dynamic personalised dashboard.

We have used various custom post types to create a specific and customised user experience on this site. Both the brand direction and all the deliverables (logo's, e-book mock-ups) were designed by us for this company.

QRM Portaal

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