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Quantum Sales Academy

QSA is founded by high ticket closers and power-couple Wassim and Julita. They teach how to become a high-ticket closer and live a free and abudant life.

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The Quantum Sales Academy (QSA) is a comprehensive sales training program aimed at helping individuals and businesses reach their full sales potential. QSA offers a comprehensive branding and marketing approach, including a user-friendly website and advanced back-end systems.

The offer flow is managed through Telegram, while leads, clients, and payments are tracked and managed using a custom-built CRM powered by Airtable and Zapier. This CRM helps keep the sales process organized and efficient.

In addition to the CRM, QSA also includes a funnel page for the New Year's Revolution challenge, as well as a separate page showcasing successful case studies and testimonials. These resources provide valuable insights and inspiration for sales professionals looking to improve their skills.

The website pages were created using Webflow, and the designs were crafted using Figma. QSA provides a one-stop-shop for sales training and development, offering a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for businesses and individuals looking to improve their sales skills.

In the first month after launch, QSA generated €10,000 in revenue without using any ads or external promotions. This success was achieved through the clients' organic reach, demonstrating the effectiveness of the QSA program.

Quantum Sales Academy

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