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XRP NFT Project, 7777 unique NFTs are created. A story driven and rich in lore NFT project for the XRP blockchain. The aim of the developers is to give players the opportunity to pick their clans and show their gorillaz in various games.

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Xrillaz is a gaming centered NFT project set to be launched on the XRP ledger. The XRILLAZ collection contains 7.777 unique NFT images. We have arranged our collection into 7 sets of 1.111 NFT's, all of which are themed. About 77 of our rarest NFT's are custom made.

You will have something unique in your hands because we are the first story-based NFT on XRPL. Storytelling helps you develop a deeper connection with your NFT. In addition to NFTs, XRILLAZ is building a brand that will target different areas including gaming, literature, and many others!


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